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Exaggeration of duties and responsibilities, untrue or hidden information has become a common practice in the employment market.

A growing demand from companies was observed in the past years and the benefit of conducting effective reference checks thanks to a tailored method has been highly valuable for employers.

Background Check allows companies to secure their recruitment processes by gaining greater insights from their candidates’ qualifications, experiences and attitude in a professional environment.

Background Check is involved in pre-/post- employment periods to manage and oversee the background check program and verify the information provided in the CV of potential/newly-hired candidates. The process consists in ensuring the accuracy of information provided in a CV by a candidate who is involved in a recruitment process.

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Advantages of Background Check

What are the advantages of integrating the Background Check reference service into HR processes?

Ensure the integrity of new employees

Integrity of new employees

Successful recruitment process

Successful recruitment

Optimise costs

Optimise and reduce costs

Optimised training & probation period

Optimised training and probation period

Neutrality & objectivity of reports

Neutrality and objectivity of reports

Key indicators

A file validated by a background check means that all the information given in the CV has been 100% verified and confirmed. When a file is not validated, the most frequently reported issues (around 40%) are linked to inconsistencies in the information and activities available online.

This is followed by incorrect dates of employment, found in 21% of cases. Additionally, there are discrepancies between the job titles shown on CVs and those provided by former employers in 10% of cases.

Finally, 8% of the incorrect records are due to errors in the diplomas (not obtained, wrong title, wrong dates, etc.).

Our process

How is the reference checking conducted?

  • A combination of written and phone references is used;
  • No geographic limitation;
  • No language limitation thanks to our multilingual team.

What happens in case of exaggeration of duties and responsibilities, untrue information or hidden information?

Any unconfirmed information regarding the professional or educational background is immediately reported to the employer.

What does a report look like? What kind of information is gathered?

  • A set of questions is designed according to the selected service to gather professional references;
  • The references are taken from direct managers and N+2 for each professional experience;
  • Reports are available in English;
  • Final reports are exclusively available for download through the platform.

Our packages

Package 1

Personal information

Personal data verification

Package 2

Employment history

Past employer references

Screening CV

Package 3

Reference checking

Attitude & behavioural skills

Package 4

Education verification

Education verification

Package 5

Professional e-reputation and web activities

Professional E-Reputation & Web Activities

Flash Check

Flash check

The quickest solution

Features of the platform

A digitalised process for continuous service improvement.

  • A streamlined process for reference checking;
  • A web-based platform to launch the process and download reports;
  • Reduced administrative work in document collection;
  • 24/7 access;
  • For API connection, please contact us.
Platform online

How do I access?

A specific platform is dedicated for you to manage your background check requests.

For a new registration:

Login and password are necessary to access the service, please click on the following button:

As a client:

  • Enter your login and password to start the process;
  • With our 1-click solution and only 5 fields to be completed, the background check is ready to be launched;
  • The final report is available within 5-15 business days;
  • Once completed, you will receive an email indicating that the report is available for download from the platform.

Untrue information related to professional experience or diploma is immediately reported

GDPR & Legal Framework

GDPR compliant

Background Check Services are managed with full discretion and confidentiality in compliance with the data protection laws and regulations of Luxembourg and Europe.
For more information, please contact us.

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